Friday, April 23, 2010

Heading North

We left this morning to head up to Ndola.
Compared to the last time we packed up and went on a trip, we are traveling very light!

After about 6 hours we arrived in Ndola. We brought Maureen with us. She is from the Copperbelt and 2 of her children live here with one of her sisters.
Halfway through the trip we stopped to get lunch in Kabwe. When we got out, Caleb was feeling very sick and had a fever. So we gave him ibuprofen had lunch and then the remainder of the trip he sat on my lap trying to cool him down and help him fall asleep. Thankfully he did both. The Lord answered those prayers.

We arrived into Ndola and took Maureen and Jack to the bus station to catch a bus up to Kitwe. She will be staying up there with her family and maybe coming down to help here a day or two this week. It is only about 45 minutes from here.
We met up with Pastor Kabwe and he brought us to the home of the Phiri's.
They have a cottage behind their house and we are staying in it for this week.
They are kind to lend it out to the Pastors traveling over from the US to teach the modules. It seems to work out well for the men coming over. It is a blessing to have room for all of us and our friend Leah will be joining us tomorrow.

We will go to the airport here in Ndola and meet her and Andy Dunkerton, who is teaching with James for the module at the Copperbelt College.
Please pray for the week to go well. For the Lord to bless the pastors meeting together to study and learn, Blessing on the time we spend with the orphans and for good health for all of our children and ourselves while we are here.
We have had some virus going through the kids, and please pray everyone is on the mend.

Hope to post more throughout the week if I am able.

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