Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kafue church

Today we went to Kafue, which is a town about an hour outside of Lusaka.
It was nice to drive outside of the city and see the "real zambia". Zambia says it is the "real Africa".
James preached a conference yesterday on church leadership, especially the deaconate. They are hopeful to choose out some deacons in the church by June. They are a newer church and currently do not have any deacons. Today we went with him for the morning service. It went well and the people were kind, especially Pastor Senkutu and his wife and Mr. Lupunga and his wife.

In the middle of the service today, several roosters walked by the door and started crowing really loudly. It seemed like this is normal as no one else but me and all my kids batted an eye. We stifled some laughs with some coughs and clearing our throats, but it truly was funny! But even funnier than that, James told me that yesterday while he was preaching several came into the building and started walking around the center aisle. Some boys got up to clear them out! And we thought the crowing was funny.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

On the drive today. Once you get out of the city, these huts and clay houses are very common.

A termite hill

Right across from the church is a mosque.

Kafue Church

James preaching at a church in Kafue
Jackson feeling pretty comfy during dads sermon

All our muzungu kids (plus a friend)

Girls at church

Greeting line after the service

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