Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday -just a start

I think pictures will have to come later. We ordered a laptop for me, and Leah brought it with her and so I am still trying to figure out how to save and upload photos to the web.

I don't quite even know where to start. Yesterday was a very long day and so full. As we were driving about I realized how we are seeing so much, that many of you will never see or experience. What a humbling and awesome thing at the same time assuch responsibility. I hope over the next couple weeks to share some of that especially through pictures.

I left the house at 7:30 to take James to the church. We picked up Andy and brought him there as well. The classes started at 8:00. I met briefly with Pastor Kabwe and he explained how it would be best to take Mrs. Kabwe and another church member Lister along with Mrs. Sharon Chisala. Sharon is the one that knows the children the best and helps with the ministry but she herself goes to another church. So they wanted the parents and children to know that we were coming as an extension of the ministry that Grace Baptist is involved in.
He said they will think because you are white that you are coming to give and give and when you leave they will tell us that we did not keep our promise to them because they are still there in their poverty. So he stressed, do not promise anything.
We had not planned to, but it was very helpful to be reminded again and understand where they are coming. Mrs. Kabwe explained that even in us seeing where they live, they think that will possibly mean change for them.

We were careful in what we said and I explained to Mrs. Kabwe that a few churches have already been financially supporting these kids and so in our coming to get more information, we are just helping them better understand what they are already supporting. So they will have a meeting with the children and guardians next week to re-explain these things to them after we have gone.

We met at Sharon's house and started with a single mom that lived behind her. She has a son who is supported and he was not there he was working in the fields since it is a school holiday right now. He has a sister who is disabled and in a wheelchair. We spent time with her and then took pictures and went to Sharon's house again. 2 of her 4 children are supported and so we talked with them more and saw their bedrooms. It was so sweet to see the one boy showing us the pictures on his wall. Taken from a calendar of castles in Scotland. Then his brother showed us in another section of his room where the chickens lay their eggs.

From there we drove from house to house over very bumpy, pot-hole filled dirt roads. Though I don't think they can be called roads exactly. And pot-holes do not do justice, more like crater-filled. This was my first time navigating through the rough roads of Africa and it was quite an experience. The first time in my life also where I thought a HUMMER would actually be a very good thing here, and I would have liked to be driving one right then! We have a 4x4 so that is obviously sufficient, but it tells you the conditions. At one point they were directing me to the right and I said, "Are you serious, I can drive through that?" We did and it actually took us through the "bush" and we drove past a beautiful spot where there was a school. I stopped a minute to take a picture out the window and Sharon hopped out and started walking toward the school so we all got out and made a stop there.

I am just coming back to this now, after starting to write earlier this morning. Another long day. I will post what I have and hope to write more tonight when we get back. We are going to someone's home for dinner very soon.

Our day was very "successful" in that we were able to visit all but one of the homes of the children that are sponsored through Grace Baptist of Ndola Hope for the Afflicted Ministry.

Leah and I have been starting to compile all the information now while it is fresh in our minds on each child.
More later...much more.

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