Saturday, April 24, 2010


Our visitors have arrived.
Around noon, we went to the Ndola airport and picked up Andy Dunkerton and Leah Falciola.
It was exciting to be on the receiving side at the airport in Zambia.

They arrived safely, on time and with all their bags! Another great blessing.
There were several goodies that the ladies from the church in North Carolina, where Andy Pastors, sent with him. Coloring books, sticker books, snacks, a dvd for the kids...
He said he felt like Santa Claus. He also brought a new camera that my dad bought and had shipped to him.
We decided mine was probably stolen by someone who was working outside the house and in the kitchen at the time.
So I am excited to have one again.

Leah also had some goods she was bringing for us. Some things I had ordered online and had sent to my friend Rachel's house in NJ, and other things that I had asked Rachel to buy for us. And a few people gave her some things to give to Maureen and her kids.
Such a blessing to have good friends!

Andy is staying at Kaps Lodge and Leah is staying here at the cottage with us.
We are getting ready to go eat dinner but wanted those of you who were praying for safe arrivals for them to know they were answered.
Tomorrow we will go to the orphan sunday school class and then to church at grace baptist where Andy will be preaching and also where the college is held next week.


  1. let me know if Jack likes his elephant.. it plays music too, if you didnt know.. i wasnt sure, but i thought it was something he would like at his age..