Monday, February 21, 2011

A Roaring Lion

"Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour."
( 1 Peter 5:8)

We have felt the prowling and roaring of the lion lately. Our enemy.

As we look back over the year- we think about all that God has done. There are now 15-20 men who weekly are hearing the Word and being trained to be pastors. These men one year ago were not even being trained.
There are now 20 orphans that were not being cared for, or going to school that now have someone who cares about them and is helping them. We see how much the Lord has done in one year directly through our work here. His work is going forth and we have rejoiced at the opportunities the Lord has opened up.

As we ended the year and began a new one though, we know in a real and felt sense that our enemy is seeking to devour us. Though difficult to expose our burdens and issues, we are in need of prayer and that is why we share this.

The enemy is seeking to depress us and whisper lies in our ears. He is seeking to frustrate us and discourage us and is seeking to devour our marriage.

We are seeking the Lord in prayer, and ask that you pray specifically for us. We are fighting back but he has been prowling and trying hard.

As we were sent out, we were reminded that we now have an even bigger target for the enemy on our backs so to speak. We were also told by others that your marriage will be tested on the field.

We have experienced both of these things.
James and I love each other dearly and are committed for life to each other. Period. (And Since I am writing the blog I can honestly say, he is the best husband a woman could ask for. Period! ) We are fighting against the enemy and not each other but it is a real fight.
We were hopeful and most likely pridefully trusting in our own blessed 15 years of marriage to "make it" and grow stronger on the field here in Africa. But we have felt the emotional strain and struggles personally and together and that has made for some difficult months. Sin is always involved and I know for me, I can easily focus on my needs and wants and become selfish to what everyone else is needing and feeling.

Another verse in 1 Peter- 4:8
"Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins".
We are seeking daily to fervently love one another and praying that the Lord, sees us through this challenging time.

We are already seeing the Lord's hand working through these things and are trusting that in the end it is making us more Christ-like. Because even though Satan is at work, and our own sinful hearts are involved, we know God is at work as well. But it is a REAL spiritual Warfare. We are in the battlefield and at times we are laying on the ground. Please pray for us.

I know for James as well he has had a lot to handle trying to help me in my own emotional times. I don't quite know what a nervous breakdown is, but he thinks I was close to having one a few months ago. And while I have been struggling, he had taken up so much at home and trying to help me through my own difficult times , keeping the family going that he was drained himself just with my own issues. Let alone having to deal with his own challenges…

Sometimes just the weight of all that has gone on in one year hits us and is draining. 2 of our children hospitalized in a 3rd world country, 1 child adopted and trying to transition into the home, emotional strain and stress, overwhelming responsibilities with ministry and home at times….Still trying to fit in to a totally different culture unlike anything you have ever experienced. Missing the close ties and relationships with our church family and our own families.
Many of these things at the time they were happening were hard, but it seemed like we pressed on through it until we reached the end of the year and it was like as if it all happened at once and it came crashing on us.

We know many of you have prayed for us and upheld us through several different trials and transitions over the year.
We are so thankful for your prayers and ask that you pray with more knowledge now.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CMC Building project

The Copperbelt College has begun to work on their hostels building project. A generous donation was given to this project and the work is being completed in installments.
The plan is for the students to be able to stay at these hostels during the modules and then the hostels will be rented out during non school times and the money made will be used to help the cost of the college

Pictured: Kasango Kayombo, Mondesters Hakanyaga, Kabwe Kabwe, James, Marshall Katongo,
Mondesters and Marshall are both church planters that are being supported through LION of Zambia.


Emma had her hair braided a few weeks ago. It looked really cute.
We took the braids out this week.
Sarah wants to go next and Grace is in more need than anyone to have her hair done.

Taking out the braids

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking up

I was telling my friend Heather that I could probably count the number of times over a year that I have actually looked up into the sky at the clouds. Probably no more than 10 times in a whole year.

Something as simple as looking up, and you see beauty. And yet I go so long without even looking at the sky. Why?
This is a spiritual analogy.

We were out in the peace of nature yesterday and I enjoyed the beauty around us and looked up and saw all the clouds.

And last week I was taking pictures of some flowers and things when James and I were on our trip and I got one of a butterfly in a flower.

Beauty is all around us, and I must look up to Jesus more!