Friday, April 9, 2010

Opportunity to "sponsor" an orphan

Probably about half of you will have already read this, but for those that did not receive it on our Zambia emailing list, I wanted to make this opportunity available to you.


Dear Friends,


I have recently been considering the idea and plans to have  a way in which to sponsor the orphans  in the Hope for the Afflicted Orphan ministry. 

This ministry is in Ndola,  and we spoke about these orphans when we presented the work in Zambia.  Pastor Kabwe  was in our home a few weeks ago and I discussed this idea with him.   


For several years now,  a few churches in the US have been the main financial support to these orphans and this ministry.

The children range in age from about 6 to 18.  There are  37  orphans supported.  These orphans have been taken in to relatives homes and are often cared for by  their grandmother, aunt or older sibling.

HFA  provides school fees, buys food for the guardians to give the children, provides medical care when that is necessary, including extra food and medicine for the few children that are HIV positive.


Our family will be going at the end of April  to Ndola and will spend the week there while James teaches the next module for the Copperbelt College. 

My desire is to get a profile on each child and then be able to pass along that information. 

I  am writing to ask  if anyone interested in the work in Zambia would like to “sponsor” an orphan.

My initial thought was to ask churches and see if they would like to  sponsor a child. But it could even be individuals or a group of friends, or a prayer group, etc.   So the offer is open to anyone.


I would plan to send a picture as well as information about each child and their names, ages,  even if we know anything about their family situation , when they were orphaned,  what grade they are in school…etc. 

Then I would be asking for each church/ individual that sponsors a child to do a few things:


1)       Pray for the child  and their guardians

2)      Periodically send a letter to encourage them

3)      Prepare a care package to send to them at the designated time ( more on that later )

4)      Seek to meet any specific needs that the specific child has. 

This would be above and beyond the basic needs that are already being cared for among the support that is given to them.

What I am thinking of specifically is that there are a few children in secondary school that expressed a “need” for a bicycle to ride to school. Evidently their school is far from home and they spend quite a bit of time walking to school.  Possibly this is an area we could help in.  Or maybe if there is something specific to school, or education…maybe providing the means for them to continue their education and learn a trade or a skill, as they finish school. If a girl graduates and wants to learn sewing,  maybe supplying a machine.


 I know there could be several examples, but these are just a few.  The needs would always come through us and in speaking with those from the church in Ndola that oversee this ministry,  and not expressed “needs” that come directly through communication with the child. Last time I was there, a boy asked me to buy him a X-box.  Definitely Not a need!


Regarding sending a care package,

We would send a list of ideas and appropriate things to send, then we would ask you to gather those items and mail them to one location in the USA.

Maybe we would start with once a year and see how that goes.

We would collect the items and  put them all together and ship it over.  We would  then ask each church or individual for a specific amount to offset the shipping charges.

It would be great if we could send one early enough to give to them at Christmas this year.    It takes about 4 months in transit.


Those are some initial thoughts.  We are not asking for monthly support, but more occasional support of certain needs and prayerful support. As well as establishing a relationship, making them to feel loved and cared for by you.


We still have great desires and plans to be working with Kabwata Baptist Church as they seek to establish an orphanage.  They are in the process of now registering with the government and plan to open a home for girls  ages 2-10.  They plan to start with 10 girls and  some house mothers.  The opportunities here would abound as well to help and sponsor those children.


Thank you for your consideration.  Please email me if your church, a ladies group, or individually you are  interested in helping and being a tangible expression of the love of God to these orphans.


In Christ,

Megan Williamson






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