Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Answered Prayer!

Even just writing this title is exciting!
I went to the orphanage today, hopeful even just to see Akim still there.

As soon as I walked in, I scanned the room to his crib and saw, yes, he was still there. He was sleeping and very bundled up but I started thanking the Lord. That was an answer to prayer.

I changed a few diapers and started feeding cereal to the babies. I kept my eye on him waiting to see him when he woke up. One of the workers kept coming into the room, changing babies and then taking them out all bundled up. Then she came back. Probably about 5 or 6 babies went out and back in over the course of almost 2 hours I was there. I asked where she was taking them and she said to see their moms.

So these are the children who are not true orphans, and occasionally have a short visit with a parent or relative. She took Wamasa out. She looked so cute and alert today. I was glad to know then, that she had a mother. That way I would not start thinking, "maybe she would be one we could adopt. "
A little disappointed,( because the thought crossed my mind-even though I knew this orphanage doesn't really do adoptions) but thankful the Lord brought about that knowledge.

It didn't really matter because Akim was still there in his little crib!

I went over to him once he woke up, and saw that he had been given his bottle propped up. So I took off his fleece blanket and the pink fleece sweatshirt he had on, and changed his diaper. He had on a cute outfit, that would have fit my Jackson. ( a 4year old). He was swimming in it, not to mention swimming in the tiniest diaper all waded up. I got him changed and took the bottle and held him for a long time out on the patio.

He did not want to drink much of the bottle. They put cereal in it, but it seems pretty thick to drink down for such a tiny little guy.

I looked around under his sleeves to check for the the IV ports. They both were gone.
Really, from the moment I saw him in his crib awake and went over to him, he was so smiley. I called his name and he smiled, I looked at him and he smiled!
I took him outside and told him how good the Lord was to Him, and that so many people were praying for him. He smiled.

Then he grabbed my finger and held it in his tiny hand for awhile. We walked around some, sat down, I just was so happy and thankful that God answered our prayers!

After a long time, I put him back in his crib. He lay there content, and then turned to look at a toy that was next to him and he reached out for it and started spinning it a little bit with his hand.

The worker lady walked by and talked to him a minute. She called out his name and he turned to look at her. I said to her, "He is feeling better" she said yes. And then I told her "we were praying for him!".

Thank you so much for your prayers for him.
He is still so weak and tiny and needs to grow. Please continue praying.

These answers to pray encourage us to keep praying.

Such a happy post to write tonight! The kids asked me when I got home, and James heard me come in while he was in his office and came out and we rejoiced at the Lord's kindness and goodness to this little one.


  1. Oh, this is such a blessing to hear! Thank you for letting us know! I will continue to pray for him!

    Rachel Thomson
    (Providence RBC, Indianapolis, IN)

  2. Megan,

    We prayed for little Akim last Wednesday at our prayer time, and tonight we thanked God for answers to those prayers. God is good!

    Alistair Winter
    Reformed Baptist Church of Riverside (RBCR)

  3. Good news! the poor wee lad.. so glad to hear he is a bit better.. I dont know how much of the stuff i gathered LF will be bringing.. but if she had room for more of the onesies that lisa gathered and sent, in addition to the ones i bought for little Jack,( i asked her for some of tys old ones for jack,then bought some new ones anyway..) maybe you can take one or two to Akim, so he is not swimmng in his clothes.. so much need.. wish i had a billion dollars and a plane to send it there.. ah well, the Lord provides..and we do our best.. any way.. will pray, he recovers..