Thursday, February 27, 2014


It comes in the Morning. That’s what the Bible says, so it’s what God says. 
And He, of course, is ALWAYS right. 
Even when things don’t make sense or it seems like it it might come in the morning for others, but not for me. 

It still does. 

A friend here wrote me about the process of getting a Driver’s License and I remember writing about it on the blog so today I found my way back over here to the LION blog. 
And I just read the last entry and remembered writing it with a solemn and sober, discouraged heart. A little hopeful, but still a discouraged heart. 

But the Lord works beauty out of messes and what once was a heavy cloud seems to be sunshine now even in the midst of other rain (challenges, difficulties and chaos)

So I wanted to add an “update” to the last entry, because why end it on a discouraged note, when it can end on a joyful one! 

So we have found our joy once again. And here we are living. loving. doing. being. 

Living our life, raising our kids. 

Loving each other, this is the greatest joy of all. 

Doing the work that is in front of us at the moment to do. For James that is teaching at an International School and for me it is my baking business. We both have plans and dreams for more, and are confident there will be more.

And being. Maybe it should be “striving” to be being what God has called us to be. To leave our mark on this part of the world in whatever way we can. To relate to and enter into pain, sorrow, hardships, happiness and joy with people, all kinds of people. 

If you are reading this because you were interested in the ministries, then you can check out their new blog run by the LION ministries. (

James still gets calls and messages from his former students, asking about him. Same for me. We are still involved in the lives of some of the people and children that God put on our hearts. The people and the place are on our hearts and that has never changed. 

If you are reading this because you are interested in US as a family, then this update is just to tell you we are doing well. And if you don’t care what kind of work we are doing, where we are living or what ‘brand’ of church we are attending, but you just love us, then you already know how to get ahold of us and how we really are doing anyway! 

Peace out.