Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hope for Afflicted Ministry

Written on Monday

We have had a very busy day today and yesterday. It is late, and we start again early tomorrow so this will be short.
But we went today to meet the children at the home of one of the caretakers, Sharon.
She is the one that oversees the distribution of food and medicines and keeps track of all the kids.

We met with the group of children and are scheduled to go with Sharon to the individual homes to see where they live.
We started with explaining to them our desire for them to have a "friend in the states" and went over the profile form we wanted them to fill out. That took quite awhile and then I got pictures of all the kids that were there. After that Leah told them a story from the bible of the garden of eden and sin and Jesus Christ. She did great and she is so in "her element" here interacting with the people and children.
After that we sang a song, the only song in bemba that we know and then they sang a song for us. They seem to light up with joy and smiles when they are singing!
Then we passed out the lollipops and took a group picture.

Leah and I will be going and the children will be staying here with Maureen. That will be good for them to have a rest. Things can be non-stop sometimes here. We didn't eat dinner until about 8:oo last night, after eating cereal and toast for lunch. Busy day. More on that later. But it will be nice for them to stay here, and us to go without them. Today they all came with us and I am so glad they did. I think it was a great experience for them. Ian made a couple friends and Sarah helped in gathering the profile sheets we had passed out and keeping track of which ones needed their picture made, etc. Emma helped keep an eye on the 2 little ones and Jackson and Caleb passed out the lollipops at the end.

Jackson brought a couple little animals (plastic) with him to give away. He ended up giving them to a few kids in the neighborhood, even though another boy that was at the home kept trying to collect them and give them back to Jackson. After I explained he wanted to give them, then he understood. But it was cute because he asked about it when we first arrived and I told him at the end, so he waited over an hour before he was able to give them. So they all did great!

All for now, but thanks for your interest and prayers.
Today is Calebs birthday. Can't believe he is 6!

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