Friday, April 23, 2010


I have a minute to write a quick story from today.

The drive is pretty desolate from Lusaka to Ndola apart from the main town of Kabwe in between and a few villages. There are still people everywhere that live in the bush and walk to the main road to sell things. I saw at least 2 or 3 different team of oxen pulling a trailer, and a boy with 2 cows he was leading. People sell Charcoal, fruit and vegetables, dried out gourds, straw brooms and mats, honey, and other things as well.

We were driving by and since Caleb was asleep on my lap I was not able to get a picture (maybe on the way home) but there were boys along the road holding a stick with a rodent attached by a string onto the tail. Could have been a mouse or a rat they are different you know. But they were just dangling it out as cars passed by. Sounds like a cruel joke boys would play or maybe teasing.

It was so nice to have Maureen with us. Whenever we had a question she was right there. So we asked her, "What is that they are doing?" They are selling the mice. I said I assume they are to eat right? Yes, they were. But she said they usually are great big ones, so the next time when we saw one, she said, "yes, they are selling them but that one is small, it is an appetizer".

At least I heard "appetizer".
She actually said, "an advertisment".

Meaning there are more where this one came from. They just hold out the dangling rat shaking it all around for you to see. They have many more and even bigger ones, where that came from!
A new take on road-kill.

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