Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday- Boys!

Saturday we had some of the boys from the McDonald farm over.
James went up there and got them and they came and swam and played futbol. It was like a clown car at the circus when they pulled through the gate and all started piling out of the car. There were 10 boys plus James in the vehicle, some of which are big guys, and two of them were sitting in the truk of the Prado, which doesn't really have hardly space for a trunk anyway.

The kids had been swimming until they got there, so I called them out of the pool to make room.
I was not sure what their swimsuits would be so we scurried into the house to let them have the pool. Thankfully they all had shorts they were swimming in, ( I had heard it’s not uncommon for Zambians to swim in their undergarments, which is why we wanted to get out quick. )
But as soon as we were walking away, they started hollering and jumping in, singing and dancing all around the pool.

They found a pair of the kids googles by the pool and were sharing those. When we noticed that, I had the kids bring out their goggles to share and they thought that was pretty funny that the big boys were wearing kid goggles and pink ones too!

The kids watched from inside, laughing and having fun watching them laughing and having fun. One boy was singing a lot and they liked that.

They swam for a while and then when they were finished, I asked if they wanted to play ball. I don’t think they understood me until I brought out the 2 balls we brought from home ( thank you Justin Ames) and the 2 nets that the kids got for Christmas a few years ago. ( Thank you memaw and pawpaw).

They ran over and started kicking the ball and laughing and playing a game.

I had made some cinnamon rolls for them and brought those out and after they finished the game they had a snack. James had run an errand and when he came back, I went out and finished watching the game and started talking to one boy. His name was John. He is 13 and in grade 4. He was asking about the flowers and the yard and told us he used to plant flowers and a garden. Then he said something about planting them for mama. But when we asked him where, he said at the farm. So I think he meant Mama McDonald, but later he mentioned before he lived there he also planted those things.

He said he could come and plant yellow and white flowers for me.
Then we walked around to the back area where Enock is preparing for the garden. He wanted to see the mounds and then started talking about all the things he used to grow. Then he said, “I wish I could be your gardener boy.” I told him thank you, but we already have a gardener. And he already works in the big garden at the farm. Then after he said when you come on Sunday for church then I can show you the flowers I have planted.

I will be glad to see them. As he was talking to me, I was thinking I am sure it’s nice to have something you did on your own and be able to “show” it.

They left and said, thanks and seemed to have a good time. Since we are not very far from there, we would like the other boys to come too sometime. With almost 30 boys, they have to come swim in shifts.

Before the MacDonalds moved to the farm they had a pool. SO they traded the land for the pool. But Christine had mentioned that the boys when they saw it, were disappointed there was no more pool for them to play in. So we had offered our pool and then said please take us up on it, and she said, “don’t worry we will!”.

It was fun to see them having fun and be able to share what we have been blessed with!

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