Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emmas Dale

Today we went to church in Emmasdale. It is one of the areas in Lusaka. James was filling in preaching for Pastor Issac Makashini. He and his family are Zambians that lived in the States for 3 years while he attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson Mississippi. They returned home last year sometime and Issac is now in the states for a couple weeks. He is in Laurel Mississippi, only about an hour from James’s parents. He was preaching at a church there today. And a Mississippi boy was preaching for him in Zambia.
It went well and it is always nice to visit other churches and meet new people and hear James preach again.

I sat in the kids Sunday school class with all the kids and after church they passed out mosquito nets to all the kids under age 10. They tried a few different times to hand my kids the nets, which was very kind, but since we already had some we didn’t want to take them when others needed them.
The Sunday School teacher said, they were donated and they wanted to make sure that every child was sleeping under a net. “We don’t want to hear that anyone gets sick from malaria”.

On the way to church we saw a bicycle race. Interesting that some things don’t change. We would always see individuals and groups biking when we drove the back way in Shelbyville, to our church.
Lots of people were watching the race. I took some pictures of our drive to church.

This was pretty neat, all these kids just sitting in the tree watching

They have BP gas stations here

This is a car wash. They have buckets and wash the cars with water from the buckets

As we were leaving the church we said it was "Emma's Dale". Caleb said, "Why isn't there any signs that say Caleb?"
For that matter Jackson could have asked why it didn't say Jackson's Dale. Since Dale is his middle name.

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