Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not "my" burden

I have been reading a book about the life of Amy Carmichael called,   “A chance to die”.

A friend gave it to me for Christmas before we left. She said just in case you are worried at giving you a book about dying as you are going off to Africa,  it is referring to our dying to ourselves and serving Christ.


So this book has been very encouraging especially as I read of her heart and service on the mission field in India, rescuing babies and children from the temples.

I came across this section in the book today where she felt so burdened to go and find more of these children, to rescue them.


“One evening when the full responsibility of the compound rested on Amy, she had what amounted to a vision. The tamarind trees around the bungalow were olive trees, and under them a man knelt alone. She knew it was the Lord, praying there in the garden for the children. So the burden was His, not hers. She need not ask Him to share it with her. He was asking her to share it with Him, to search with Him for the lost lambs. “Who could have done anything but go into the garden and kneel down beside Him under the olive trees?”


As I read it I was so encouraged to think, even this burden upon my heart for little Akim and all the children there at the orphanage, is not my burden. But it is the Lord’s. I am sharing in it, and these dear little lambs that I see, are the Lord’s as well.


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