Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday visit

Several of you have said you enjoy hearing about the visits to the orphanage so I will keep writing about them for now. Sarah was with me today.

She remembered a couple of the children that she held the first time and went back to hold them. She also was good at trying to give everyone a chance “out”.

They had already finished feeding time so we just held and played.


Akim was still smiling today and off the IV. So he does look like he is improving. Thank you again for praying and those that emailed or left comments telling us that you prayed for him either individually or as a church.

I held him and sang to him, the only song I remembered in Bemba. (Takwaba uwaba -  There’s no one like Jesus)  

When I was leaving today I told him I wouldn’t be back for 2 weeks so I wanted to see him big and strong next time.  


One girl I picked up was very tentative, she had just woken up from a nap and maybe surprised to see some strangers. She warmed up quickly and after just a few minutes I tried to hand her to Sarah for a minute and she would not let go of my arms.  So I held her awhile and when I finally did put her back in her crib, she screamed and threw a fit and even reached out to try to smack me.  She missed, but for a one year old, I was surprised at this type of outburst of emotion but realizing how that too was manifesting her loneliness only in anger.

So sad.  


As we walk around holding the little ones, there is a bulletin board with a lot of pictures of different kids from the orphanage. There are the preschool age ones playing, seems like a celebration or party, holiday maybe... But there is one picture that jumps out at me.  I showed Sarah today.

A little girl is in her crib, with a stuffed animal in one hand and a baby doll in a box laying in the crib. The same baby dolls that are in a box displayed all over the room. Not played with, but on display. I think I mentioned these earlier.

The girl looks like she either is crying or had been crying.

No amount of “toys” given for a picture or a celebration (but never played with)  will take the place of the family that she longs for.


When we left another toddler was screaming that Sarah had been holding, when she put her down.

Sarah said she felt bad that they were crying but they need attention so what are you going to do?   

My thoughts exactly.









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