Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who would have thought

In Africa we would be warming ourselves by the fire.

Having lived in Kentucky, which gets cold and Montana which gets even colder and snows alot, who would have thought that the first time we had and used a fireplace would be when we were living in Africa! Certainly not me.

The house has a fireplace and we have been using it almost every night, the past few weeks. It is nice to take the chill off in the main room, and the kids think it is great. It is chilly in the evenings and in the mornings, but by the middle of the day it is usually very nice, sunny and warmer. Yesterday morning it was 13 degrees celsius. (Not sure the ratio in F). It feels like Fall weather, and it has been a nice change. Since the houses are made out of concrete blocks there is no insulation and I have noticed some days it is warmer outside because the sun is shinning than it is in the house.

Strange to think that we are sipping hot chocolate, when most everyone else we know is sweating with their lemonades.

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  1. Does seem backwards ... to be chillin' out in June.

    S'more time! :)