Saturday, June 12, 2010

Internet Cafe

No video.

I went yesterday to the internet café to try and upload the video I mentioned.

It was actually my second day there to try. The first day I bought 30 minutes for about a dollar and then it was extremely slow and not able to even open the page let alone upload a video.

I went back the second time at a different part of the day hoping it would be quicker.  It wasn’t working and I didn’t have much time because I had to go pick up the kids from school. So I went back again after lunch and thought I had everything set up. My battery was fully charged,  I had my new computer so I wasn’t worried about it just randomly shutting down in the middle of a project, and I bought an hour of time just in case at 29 minutes it would be almost finished and then shut down due to using all the time up.


As I was in the process of uploading, a couple of young people came in. They were trying to decide to do something online but knew the speed wasn’t great and were asking me about it.  I answered their questions but after they left I thought to myself,  they are Zambians. Does such a thing as fast internet exist in Zambia? Where have they even seen it to know whether something is fast speed or slow speed?

You would think if you were at a place that is the internet place I could have accomplished my task,  but no I did not.  I had plenty of time left but I had already exceeded my data capacity. At that point I shut it down and came home. A bit frustrating, when you worked on something and then it continues to not work and you keep putting time and energy into it, only to become more frustrating in the end.  So I will stop working on it. And that will end the frustrations (for now).


Main point of the video was just to show through pictures and video clip and music how thankful we were for the Lord’s working in our family and restoring Emma’s health.  She said, “thank you” on the video as well.

So there you have it. I will go back to blogging and regular pictures hopefully next week.


When I remember that it is amazing to even have email where we can communicate daily through those means and occasionally instant messaging, and am able to upload some pictures that should help put our internet woes in perspective.  


Emma’s rash has been slowly going away and she is no longer itchy.  We are very thankful for that as well and  I hope to have a regular week next week…. Regular for living in Africa.




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  1. I remember when we were first here. Having a telephone was a big deal. Having a working telephone was almost never! It was be so frustrating seeing a phone and expecting it to work like a phone. :)

    It was like that in so many areas of life. We had a real US washing machine, a cast off from the US army base. But, no water pressure. So I had to fill it with buckets of water. :)

    Somethings have gotten better after 25+ years. :) And, I have learned to be more thankful for what I do have.