Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday -Friday Update on EMMA--GOOD NEWS!

Dear Friends and Family,


Emma continued to feel better yesterday,  though a bit emotional too. She started the day crying off and on for an hour,  and being very down emotionally.  They were able to take her IV out yesterday morning and she continued to eat well and drink well.  She was worn out in the afternoon and started crying to go home again.

The doctor had told us that probably Friday she could go home.   I spent the day at the hospital again and in the evening James brought the kids up for dinner and then I was getting ready to leave with the other kids.

Emma started Crying and Sobbing!  For quite some time. She wanted to go home!   James asked the nurse to check with the doctor if she could go home.  She came back a few minutes later and said, “Yes”, but we needed to bring her back in the morning. It took her a little bit to settle down and be glad to be going home.  We were so thankful!    We all laded everything up in the car and thanked God that we could all be going home together.


We got home last night around 8PM.  Emma went straight to bed and asked me to lay down next to her. I stayed until she fell asleep and we had to wake her up early to take her to the doctor.

We dropped the kids at school and on the way to the doctor she threw up again.  We stopped back by the house and then headed back to the hospital.

They took a blood sample when we got there so it would be ready when the doctor came in. She went back to the room she was staying in,  sat on the bed and we waited. We ordered some breakfast and waited for the doctor to come in.  By that time she looked like she was feeling well again, and the doctor said she looked much better. They gave her another injection and then the doctor came back in with the results from the blood sample.


The doctor came back in and said, “Good news!”    The test showed that there were no parasites and she was negative for Malaria!    Praise GOD! 

We rejoiced at God’s goodness.

 She has to continue on the antibiotic orally until Monday and needs to go back to the hospital for 2 more shots of the anti-malaria medicine, on Saturday and on Sunday.

She will see the doctor again on Wednesday for the final ALL CLEAR.


She is feeling much better, cheerful and happy today.  I told her to she still needs to take it easy today and the next couple days,  trying to still get some rest and not be up climbing the trees and running around.J


I don’t think I can adequately express our thankfulness to everyone who has prayed for us and encouraged us this week.  We received over 150 emails concerning Emma!

Though the week has been very difficult and trying, scary and emotional-  we have known the Lord’s kindness and love as expressed in you all.

Thank you for bearing our burden with us this week. For praying for Emma and for James and I and the other children.

For weeping with us when we wept and now for rejoicing with us when we rejoice!


The Lord has been good to us in the midst of difficulties, he has shown kindness and mercy to Emma and all of us.


With much love and thankfulness,

Megan, James and Especially Emma  and the rest of the Williamson family!






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