Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Update on Emma

Dear Praying friends,


I just returned home from being at the hospital all day with Emma.

She did not have a good day.

She was not able to keep anything down, and her malaria symptoms continued as well as the fever.

As the day went on and into late afternoon, her fever rose up to 104.5.  She had problems with the IV drip, starting and stopping throughout the day. So she was not getting as much fluids as she could have.


She is still on 2 antibiotics now, given through the IV as well as fluids, and still receiving her anti-malaria medicines.


The doctor came by to see her in the evening and after hearing the report for the day decided to do another blood test to make sure there was not anything else going on of a bacterial nature. He said usually by the second day the individual should be improving. Sometimes it is the third day.



Quite a stressful day.  Most of my prayers were quick arrows to heaven, "Lord Jesus, please have mercy on her!"



Thank you all for your prayers.  Your notes have been encouraging to us and even Emma as well,  the ones I have been able to read to her.

She had wanted me to stay with her tonight, but after being there all day and wanting to be of use to her in the morning we decided that Dad would stay again.


Before James came in the evening with the children she was getting worse and I was feeling scared.  I am not sure it would be good to be there alone tonight, not knowing how she is doing.  But my mother's heart wants to be there with her.



Hopefully in the morning the doctor will come by and let us know if there are any new results from the CBC. Then we will see where to go from there.

This morning he mentioned maybe her coming home tomorrow and then just coming back in for the next few days to get the last shots of Anti-malaria medicine.  But after how she was today, I don't think she will be coming home tomorrow.  We will have to wait and see.


She has been lethargic and obviously feeling bad. At one point I asked her something and she said, "I just want to go home."



Please pray for her to get good rest tonight.  She only slept about an hour today in the later afternoon. I think she just couldn't get comfortable and was so feverish. They gave her medicine before I left to bring down the fever, so hopefully that was taking effect as I left.



Thank you for your prayers and such love that has been expressed to us in the past 24 hours. Even the emails with scriptures.  It is good to be reminded from God's Word in trials like this.  Quite amazing to know so many are praying for her all over the world.



Megan Williamson



  1. We love you all. Peace be with you.

    The Perozzis

  2. Hey Megan,hope Emma gets better soon.Will keep her in prayers and you too.
    In Christ Flavia.