Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Update on Emma

Emma went for her follow-up doctor appointment this afternoon.
Yesterday she developed a severe skin rash all over that is most likely a reaction to the anti-malaria medicine Antemeter that she was on.
It hopefully will clear up in a few days.
The doctor confirmed that the malaria is gone and the bacteria culture they had done last week came back negative at 3 and 6 days.
I asked him which type of malaria it was, since I had seen online that there are several different types. He said that it was the most severe of malaria.
Then he reiterated why he went straight to the injections to get the medicine in her fast rather than waiting for the oral medicines to take effect. Time is a critical factor when dealing with Malaria.

Please praise God with us for healing Emma and providentially working in us so that we acted as fast as we did.
Praise God with us for the wisdom of the Doctor and for the availability of medicines and a hospital.
Please pray for continued good health and strength for everyone in our family. If we never had to deal with Malaria again that would be wonderful! And not beyond the Lord’s Hand.

We again want to thank everyone who prayed for her personally and churches that prayed in their prayer meetings for her. The Lord has answered all the prayers that have been prayed and we have been humbled to know how many people were lifting our family up before the Throne of Grace

I hope to get a video posted soon.

Thank you,
Megan and James Williamson and EMMA
Sarah, Ian, Caleb and Jackson

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