Thursday, June 17, 2010

She's Back!

This week, Emma is feeling back to normal as we have seen her bouncing around the house laughing and being Emma!

Baby Jack has started saying her name. EMMMMM. He watches her when she comes in the room and will fussy when she leaves. He missed her too. Maureen said the house was just not the same without her.

I bought a headscarf this week and wanted to learn how to tie them. I have always thought they are great because you can have a bad hair day, or have not washed your hair and then just tie your hair up in that. They are the fashion here for the women, so I was eager to join in that fashion.

Emma said "I'll ask Maureen, she can teach you." So she used Emma to show me how to tie it. Emma then liked having me take pictures.

Emma fixed the scarf for me. We showed Maureen and she said, "Emma you are clever!".
Mine is rolled almost more like a turban and Maureen had tied hers more like a bow.

We are so thankful she is back to normal!

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  1. Hi Megan!
    My name is Melissa and I met you and your family when you came out to TRBC in La Mirada, CA last year. Our church's VBS this year is focusing on missionaries around the world and I am so glad you've been blogging about your life in Zambia! This personal account will help me so much in teaching the children about the lives of missionaries currently in the field. Our church has been praying for Emma and I am so encouraged to see her doing well! The Lord be praised. :) I'll post some photos of VBS when it's done so you can see what we did.
    In Christ,