Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Two weeks ago I went to the orphanage after having not been there for 3 weeks.
When I walked toward the room that the babies are in, I past a man on the porch holding a baby. It was a bit unusual to see a man holding a baby, and a bit unusual to have them on the porch area. Usually the relatives wait at a different spot for the baby to be brought out to them.

But I passed this man and headed toward the baby room. Once I got to the room, I do what I always do now , and that is look for Akim. I didn't see him and then looked out at the baby that the man was holding. It was Akim. His father was visiting and that is the first time I have seen a relative there to visit him.
Since he was right outside the rooom, I watched him as he was holding his son. He was the most affectionate and loving that I have seen a Zambian man with his child. He was talking to him, kissing him, tickling him, making him laughing and looking at him the entire time.
I wanted to go over to him and tell him, "We have been praying for your son! We love Him!" but I was not sure if he knew English or would understand an emotional woman talking to him about his son.

It was such a sweet thing to see. I was so thankful to see it as well. He was loved by some one. He seemed to be feeling better as well and smiled later when I talked to hiim after his father left.

Today I went for a visit again. I walked in the room, said hello to the workers and reached for the bowl of porridge to start feeding the babies. I looked around and did not see him. It was a little crowded so I was thinking maybe he is in the other row of cribs. No I did not see him.

A little later I asked about him and they said, "he has died".
I asked if it was last week and she said yes. Then I mentioned that his father had just been here to visit and she said yes.

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