Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wednesday morning update

Wednesday morning

I arrived to the hospital around 8 am.

I was so happy to see Emma sitting up in the bed coloring.


She said she slept better last night. An answer to prayer!

The doctor came in and we had a good talk with him.


Her IV solution was dripping causing her hand to get wet, so they changed her IV to the other hand.

She did well with it. In fact the doctor said the nurses are all talking about the muzungu (white) child!     She is so good. She doesn’t cry or put up a fuss when they take her blood, give her injections, start the IV.


The results from the blood culture they did won’t be ready for another day or so. This was to check if anything else is going on.


As the doctor was explaining Malaria more to us, he said that it multiplies so rapidly there is almost like an explosion in her body when it is multiplied. Which is why she can be feeling well and then so quickly feel awful again.   She is staying again today and the rating is now a +3  instead of the  +4 that it was one Monday. ( On a scale of +1 to +5 with 5 being worst).


We are very thankful with the doctor and trust him. He is a pastor, Grave Singogo, that James has known. He attended the classes last month at the Pastors college in the Copperbelt.

He said his wife and he were praying for Emma last night. He also said we acted quickly so that was very good.  He said, “When I got the call on Monday I was thinking this is just an American panicking” and even when he saw her initially he did not think it was malaria.   So we are very thankful we brought her in on Monday.  He said it is just a hard case of it and Malaria is a terrible disease, but she should be fine, she is getting the medicine and he said keep praying.


She was more cheerful today, even smiled and giggled a bit  and has a little bit of energy. Though right now she is getting tired and still looking pale. So we will see if she is heading down again, or just sleepy.

She has not eaten, but Dr. Singogo said she can eat whatever, he said even a few sweets to get her blood sugar up. So she ate a pack of Smarties!  You can tell Pastor John, she got her candy fix. ( He passes them out to the kids at church every week back home. And we had some someone sent in a package to us)


We saw the pictures from the Memorial Day picnic that a friend took  back home and that cheered her as well as reading her a few emails from you all.

Thank you so much for praying.  Please keep praying she improves and can go home soon.


I will plan to update again later this evening.






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  1. I just wanted you to know I pray several times daily for Emma and for all of you in taking care of her.