Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time of Refreshment

We spent the day at Chaminuka yesterday. Its a private game reserve about 30km outside of Lusaka. We were glad to have the opportunity to take the children, as ever since we talked about moving to Zambia they have talked about the animals we would see.

It was a nice clear day and it was good to be together as a family.
We had a great lunch there as well. Last time we were there with our friends Wil and Terry, we ate kudu. This time they served Impala. I ate Impala steaks and they were really good! The kids also loved the meat ans said the lunch was also a highlight of the day.

There is a village of huts on the drive there.

All the boys brought binoculars


A Wildebeast


We also got to walk up to the elephants and touch them.
I thought this was a cool picture, as the elephant was flapping his ears

We saw Zebras
We spotted them in a far distance and the safari driver got off the main rode and we were driving through the tall grass, on the hunt to see some zebras!
It was really neat. Last time we had only seen them from far away and it was dry and dusty. This time we got to get up close to see them.

We had a nice day, and I told James it was a nice thought as we were driving home in the dark that we were going back to our house this time. Not to stay in a hotel, as we did last time we were here on visit, but in our own place.


  1. Hi, I've never posted in a blog, so I hope that you see this!! Brooks went over to visit Mashelle this morning, and when he got back he told me about your blog and all the things going on over there for y'all. I sent a love gift to you through Lion of Zambia in Louisville a few days ago. Is that the best way to send you something personally or is there another way to get it to you directly? Our Sunday school class was talking last week about adopting ya'll and supporting you on a regular basis. Your Aunt Janice might have already told you this, but I think they are trying to work out the logistics of it. I love reading your blog, it is truly a blessing to hear how God is blessing you and those with whom you have contact. Please let me know of any needs you have, as I would truly like to help if I can. It made me smile when you talked about being able to give Jack some of your boys' things, so if you need things like that or anything else that you would like to have so you can share with those around you, please do not hesitate to let me know. Also, please let me know your address, and the best way to send things to you. Love you all, Sandy

  2. Love the pictures! What a neat experience for the kids. Hope you have a good weekend!