Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sarah's visit to the orphanage

Today I went with my mom to the orphanage.  There were a lot of cute babies there. We held them and fed them baby cereal.

There was this one baby boy who would cry when I put him back in his crib. So I held him several times.

When we went into the toddler room, a lot of toddlers started crying because they wanted us to hold them and get them out of the cribs.  This one little boy held onto me and kept crying so after I put the other baby who cried back in his crib I got that boy out and let him walk around.   Then when it was time for the toddlers to eat, they all started coming out of their room to go to the dining room. When I tried to put the little boy on the bench he kept crying so I held him a little longer and then when I had to put him back down, he cried.  It was pretty sad because they don’t get much attention. After they ate they all went to sit on these little potty chairs.

Then we held some more babies and mom held this really sick baby, we found out his name was Akim.  Today he had the IV place on his hand.

Then the little boy after they finished eating came back over to me and I walked around with him until he had to go to the potty.


Then before we left Mom held the really cute little baby, that is very tiny until she fell asleep and I held the baby who cried until I had to put him down and he cried some more.

The little tiny girls name was Wamasa.   (we think).     Mom mentioned these 2 babies on the blog and she found out their names today.




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  1. Hello, Sarah!
    I liked all the pictures from the orphanage!
    Sophie ;)
    I hope to email you soon!