Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We have asked Maureen and Enock, our house helpers to speak to the kids in Nyanja and to help them learn the language. So I have been trying to pick up a few phrases, and words each day. Most recently I asked her, if I wanted to talk to Jack, what are some of the things you say to him.
"Stop Crying, What do you want, Hi, You are so cute"…I asked about the last one.

James has started taking language lessons with a pastor in town. He was studying tonight as his class is tomorrow.
Enock (the gardener/day guard) is especially good about talking to the kids and even me too. This morning I was getting ready to drive to the store, and he asked how I was feeling, in Nyanja. It caught me off guard because I didn’t know what he was saying. James must have told him that I was not feeling well earlier in the morning.

But Ian went up to ask him a question about Zambia and he was working in the yard and so when Ian walked up Enock said, “I am digging, digging” in Nyanja.
When Emma was helping open the gate, he told her the word for open.
I have been glad that he especially is making an effort to teach them. The “bwana” told him to, so he is taking that to heart. ( Boss man- that’s what they say…or even Boss..when they are trying to sell you something).

Then they sometimes will come to me and tell me Maureen or Enock just said something to me. If they can’t remember what it is, I will make them go back and ask them again.

We just got a few notebooks and I told the kids whenever they learn a new phrase to write it down. I have started one as well, for words but also people’s names that I meet. If I see it written, because it is such a phonetic language, it is much easier and then I can get it.
Like Dorianna. A lady that came to visit last week with another lady named Jennifer. That one is easy to remember.

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