Sunday, March 21, 2010

McDonald's Farm

 Donald McDonald has a farm.

He and his wife Christie,  have 27 boys and 3 girls that live on that farm. Along with all the animals and crops that they are growing.

These 27 boys used to live on the streets of Lusaka. Many are orphans, but some ran away from home and have no parents in their lives.


The McDonalds are a couple from Scotland, with two biological daughters,  and  now many many more children.

Several years ago, they started inviting boys home for a meal.  Now they run a  boys home.  As we talked with them, they said 9 years ago, they never would have imagined they would be doing what they are doing now.


Kabwata  sends a man out to their farm every week to preach to the boys and the family and the workers that work at the farm, and a few people from the surrounding farms.

There are plans developing now, to plant a church out in their direction and continue meeting with the boys and seeking to reach their immediate community.


We went today to church there.  We went to Sunday school at Kabwata, then picked the kids up from their classes and drove out to the farm.  Jackson said to me in the morning, “ We are going to McDonalds?  I didn’t know they had McDonalds in Zambia”.  Well I had to disappoint him, no McDonalds  here.


But we went to church and sang and heard the Word preached. To those who could see and understand what was going on,  It was far better than McDonald’s ( of the Ronald type) .

 It was very encouraging first to see all these boys that are off the street, but secondly that they are hearing the Word each week. Simply brought to them in English, with their vernacular language interspersed. 


After the service, James and  Kasango Kayombo ( a deacon at the church ) met with the McDonald’s and talked about plans for planting a church in that area.


Possibly in the next week or two they will have a follow up meeting after  they meet with the elders at church and then will move forward.      Just like that.   

Donald was to look into possibly renting a school classroom and having a meeting place other than their large living room.  So I will keep you posted on developments with that.  If the Lord blesses their efforts,  as he has with several other works in the Lusaka area,  that would make about 12 different churches,  and church plants,  in the areas surrounding Lusaka.   

Please pray for this new potential church plant.


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