Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Better than Christmas!

By the title you can probably guess that we received our shipment today!
James said this is like Christmas, and I said, "this is better than Christmas!"

It arrived in Lusaka yesterday morning and was delivered to the church this afternoon. We hired a truck to pick up our part of the shipment and bring it to our house. I was literally jumping up and down when I saw it pull into the driveway. Once James called me and said they were on their way, I was looking out the window just waiting with excitement.

Everything we sent over was there. EVERYTHING! That in itself was amazing. Everything breakable made it unbroken, except one picture that the glass broke, so we will just have a new piece of glass made to fit it. (Thank you Eva and Maureen for helping me pack. I was thinking of you all today.)

I cannot tell you how excited I was! It is so nice to have some of the familiar things from home. Curtains, quilts and clothes and picture frames and pictures. The kids started opening their boxes of special things and toys and in a matter or minutes I think Jackson and Caleb had everything dumped out on the floor in their room, ( Legos and playmobil especially).

Emma found her dolls and started playing on her top bunk and Sarah and Ian were happy to find their BOOKS!

I unpacked the kitchen items we sent over, and quickly looked in the small box we sent of food items…Parmesan cheese and chocolate chips! I couldn’t remember about the parmesan, and was very glad to see it. We will have to use it sparingly.

James set to work helping us and unpacking his books that he was keeping at home. He is now finishing up in his office.

We sent it out 14 ½ weeks ago. From all the shipment stories we have heard, (which can kind of become like labor stories for women) we definitely have been blessed to have it all go so smoothly. Please rejoice with us and thank the Lord for His kindness!

Other good news, we have had hot showers today! You can imagine how nice that is.

I also had 2 ladies from church come and visit me today. So I served them tea and we chatted a little bit. Pastor and Mrs Mbewe came by Saturday evening as we were eating dinner. They just returned home from the states, and were paying us a visit. Our first visitors.

James has been busy trying to get everything taken care of with the car. It has been a week long process. Last night he was invited to preach an evangelistic message at a meeting for doctors finishing their residency in Lusaka. He was thankful for the opportunity and felt the help of the Lord in preaching.

Caleb hopefully is on the mend. He had a virus pretty bad. A fever for 5 days, and sore throat, cough.
Emma came down with it 2 days ago and was down and out with it as well. Jackson caught on as well and he had a fever last night and part of today. Sarah came home from school as the shipment was being unloaded and said her head hurt and she was not feeling well. So it is making its way through the family. Please pray for us to get healthy again. We are very thankful to have been able to take Caleb to see our friend who is a pediatrician. With the high fever I immediately worried of Malaria. But was glad to hear it was a virus, and though I am not glad everyone else is sick, it is a confirmation to know that it really is a virus. Just one that hit pretty hard.

We also received our first letter in the mail this week, a card for Jacksons birthday from my brother and his family. It’s like when you are in college and are eagerly checking your mailbox for letters or packages. It was only 98 cents to mail a letter from Georgia to Zambia. So with the address we sent out you can write us and just stick 3 stamps on it and send it from your own mailbox. (If you need the address email me or post a comment that you want it.)

A good day!

We sent a box of “extra” clothing that we were going to be giving to goodwill, but there was room in the container. When I remembered we had it and opened the box today, laying on top were some baby boy clothes. I rejoiced at God’s providence! Now I can give them to little Jack. He often has pink girl things on because that is what he has. It will be a delight to see him wearing some boy clothes that our little guys have worn. That too makes me happy!


  1. Hi Megan-
    I attend Magherafelt Reformed Baptist Church ( located not far from where Pastor Ted Donnelly's church is - who you mentioned in your previous post). Our Pastor is Paul Wallace, and we've been praying for you at our prayer meetings and receiving updates.
    I've been following your blog for a wee while, interested to know how a family of 7 would find settling into a new culture and the many adjustments that brings to you as a wife and mother! I've been greatly encouraged by your posts, seeing how God is at work and continues to be faithful to you (even in the seemingly small things) as you seek to honour Him! How great is our God! Rejoicing with you that this shipment has arrived safe and sound, and reminded that as you found 'little' blessings amongst the shipment that we have a God who is intimately aquainted with those who love Him! I am thinking upon an occasion where Mrs Spurgeon (a friend told me this story) long had her eye upon a small piece of jewellery (I think it was a ring or something similar). She was not a woman who desired trinkets or the things of this world, and all their last pennies where put into Kingdom service, but one day, out of the blue, someone bought her this very item, without knowing how much she had long admired it in the shop window! The book in which this was found then goes onto say.....sometimes God spoils His children! I couldn't help but correlate this story with your parmesan cheese and the little clothes for Jack!! :-)

    Just wanted you to know that we as a family have purchased a wall-map and my son is presently colouring in a little flag to place in Zambia, so the kids can visualise where you are and pray more intelligently for you!

    Love, in the Lord,

    Naomi Millar (I think this comment has come under my daughter's name, as she has a blog, for some reason).

  2. I would love to have your address.

  3. Funny ... you packed all those things but it's like receiving them all over again when the shipment arrives. I know! And, God's timing was perfect - as expected - with the shipment arriving after you had a place to stay.

  4. Great to hear! It's encouraging to read how well things are going, I really enjoy reading your blog, we love and miss you guys. We have a blog for family pictures and writing (hopefully!) if you ever want to stop by and see.


    Praying for you.