Tuesday, March 9, 2010


People move around and get rides on the back of these huge trucks. Sometimes, a couple times a day I hear people singing as they drive by the house.
Here there were ladies with their babies getting out of the truck.

These shops are made out of shipping containers

We have seen these metal rods with plastic bags or gloves hanging on them all over town and have wondered what that was for.
We found out that is the advertisement for Plumbers. Makes perfect sense now.

Raining again

I have started driving and so far it is going fine. I have only driven a few kilometers. But today I am venturing out on my own, to the other side of town, where I can go and get some groceries and other things we still have yet to get.
The challenge is not only staying on the correct side of the road, but there are so many people always walking on what would be the shoulder of the road, if they had shoulders. A few of the main roads will have a walking path along side the road.

People everywhere

Many of the shops downtown will have people standing around in the parking areas and they want to "help you". Parking is harder to find and then can be hard backing out with all the traffic so it usually is helpful, but then of course they want some money. Not alot usually, but it often is worth it for the help ( think of paying for parking downtown for less than a dollar)

Our gate

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