Tuesday, March 30, 2010

feeling better

Maureen spoke with her son today and he was feeling better.  He actually was wanting to go to school today for a test he had.

She said then she knew he was doing better.  She was so glad to talk to him because she thought maybe since she was so far away her sister might just be saying he was doing better, when he was still very sick.

I told her I was so glad to hear and that many friends were praying for him. She said thank you.


Then I asked about Jack and she said he threw up in the night on their bed  and that he had very bad diaper rash.  I said, “Wait just a minute!”  and I went to the linen closet and pulled out the tube of diaper rash I had brought over (left over from my stash of things we took to Ukraine).  I was so happy to have that to give her and told her how to use it and to change him often. 


I have been very glad to have a few baby items on hand,  to give when there has been need.


So thank you, and I will keep you updated!



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