Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lunch and a concert

We invited our workers and their families over for lunch today and then to an Evangelistic Music Concert at Kabwata.

James was going to Braii. ( BBQ )
I made my aunt Sue's super easy and delicious parmesan potatoes. ( Down to half a bottle now of paremsan...), rolls and we bought a water melon. I also made chocolate chip cookies!

It started raining just as the coals were good and ready to grill over.
So we ate lunch later than expected, which was ok, since it's zambia and they are zambians!

They all really seemed to enjoy the lunch. It was pretty fun to hear them talk about the cookies and how "nice" they were. It's neat to make chocolate chip cookies for someone to taste for the very first time in their life! I told them everyone in America loves them and they are very popular.

We took some pictures afterwards.
This was at lunch. Emma took the picture so it's at her eye level. I am not sure what they were talking about, but you can tell it was something funny.

Mr. Chipata and his wife and daughter. The daughter is 6 months old.
As soon as I took the picture and showed them, THEN they let out a huge grin.
His wife does not really speak English, so I smiled and oohed over the baby but that was about it. Thankfully they are good friends with Enock and his wife so once they arrived, they felt more comfortable.

Maureen and Jack.
She has been a blessing to have working for us. She stayed with the children the other day and they played Dutch Blitz and Phase 10, and Emma said she laughed alot.
I think she feels more comfortable around children, and comes out of her shell then.
(I think that's how I am too!) though she stayed later one afternoon and helped me prepare dinner and it was nice to be able to chat a little bit.

Mr. Kapasa ( Enock) and family. His wife and son, Fortune ( his english name)
They wanted their picture taken by the rose garden that Enock planted.

At the concert. Kids are kids the world over. It gets long and they get fussy. James took his watch off and gave it to the little boy to play with, and then his keys, just like he did for our kids when they were little.

They all seemed to really enjoy coming and commented on how nice the singing was.
We got home later and James is gone now, driving them home. Mr. Chipata lives about an hours walk away and Enock, an hours bike ride away.

I liked the signing too it was very nice. Different people sang. There was one quartet of me that sang a song in Bemba about the valley of dry bones from Ezekiel.
They were really good. Then there were a few songs by the kids choirs and then individual groups. It was very nice. And African sounding too.

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