Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update from Orphanage

Just a quick update from the visit to the orphanage today.
Leah and the girls and I went.

A few new faces. One little girl who had just come in today from the village. She seemed very frightened and was not eating anything. Her mom was in the clinic at the center and she was there alone. I held her for awhile.

We did the usual, changing diapers, feeding pooridge and playing with the little ones. Akim was still there and he even looked different. His face is filling out and his legs, though still very thin were starting to get some meat on him as well. He is even starting to get teeth. He is actually 8 months old, though he looks much younger.

One of the head workers came in and I was holding him and we were talking about another one of the sick kids who was malnourished and I mentioned how I noticed Akim was very sick for awhile. She said yes, he began treatment and medications at the same time as another one, though that one didn't make it. I asked if that was Wamasa. She said yes. So though I had thought she went home with her mom, when I didn't see her a few weeks ago, in the back of my mind I wondered. She didn't make it. She seemed stronger than Akim at the time, yet she was the one who didn't make it. She was six months old.

Even as we prayed for Akim when he seemed about to die, James mentioned about the blessing for that little one if they get to miss this difficult life and go straight to be with Jesus. Though it is sad to think of the loss of this little life, due to malnourishment, we trust Wamasa is enjoying that blessing with Jesus now. Where there is no more pain or hunger, sadness or loneliness.

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