Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lusaka Ministerial College

This week was the first week of class for the new Lusaka Ministerial College in Kabanana. This college is geared to train pastors who are in and around the compound area of Kabanana.

Kabanana is a poor area outlying Lusaka. There are many of these compounds around Lusaka. James along with Pastor Curtis Chirwa of Faith Baptist Church have been working to see the college established. Curtis is part of a church plant sent out from Kabwata.

The first week went very well and James said, "What a great blessing that the Lord provided for this college to start."

Providing training to men in Lusaka was a desire and plan for James in coming over, but we did not know how that was going to work out.
About a month or two into being here this all came together.

There is a mixture of Baptist and pentecostal pastors that are attending.
The classes for this semester and teachers are:
Introduction to Biblical theology - Victor Kanyense
Introduction to Christian Ethics -Issac Makashyini
the Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount- James
Legalism, Lawlessness and the Gospel of Grace - James
History of Christianity in Africa - Matthew Phiri

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