Friday, May 7, 2010

Pictures from last weeks HFA group visit

Some pictures from our group meeting with the Hope for the Afflicted kids and their guardians. I think I already mentioned, but when we met with them, we had them fill out a form telling us a little bit more about themselves and then I took pictures.
After that, Leah shared with them a bible story and then Jackson and Caleb passed out lolipops and then we got a group picture.

A few examples of the pictures we took. The kids filled out the forms and then I tool a picture of them holding their form ( So I wouldn't forget their name ) and then a regular picture.

Joyce, (she is HIV positive)


Christopher (He is 13 years old, but to me didn't look more than 8 or 9)

Leah sharing the story of creation and Christ's redemption

It was very dark in the room, so with the flash a few of the pictures turned out streaky (i think I was shaking the camera)
The boys passing out the Lolipops .

Jackson and Bupe (along with her younger cousin)

Ian and Daniel

Emma handing out the extra lolipops to some kids that were neighbors.
She counted how many were left after the kids in the house were given them and there was the exact amount. But as she was passing them out a guardian came over and took another one, so the last girl didn't get one. Emma felt really bad and the little girl started to cry. i was able to find a piece of gum in the car to give her, and I think that helped a little.

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