Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hope for Afflicted Sunday School

A few pictures from the Hope for the Afflicted Sunday School class we went to last sunday. We were hopeful they were meeting in the new structure at the house but that was not the case. They are planning now to buy a piece of land and put the structure on that so it will be all their own, rather than the house they are renting.

It was good to see the kids meeting together there and hearing the word.
The group was about half the size from the last visit due to not handing out as much food as before. The class size seemed manageable and I know they are thankful for that and for the opportunity to teach the children. About 1/3 of the children are children supported by Hope for the Affflicted. The other children are children from the area, in the shanty town.

This was priceless. The one boy on the left has one eye open watching me.
These two boys came in together after the service started and I noticed they were each wearing half of one pair of shoes. I was guessing maybe they were brothers, and sharing the shoes.

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