Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you for Sharing

James just left to take pastor Andy Dunkerton to the airport.
Before he left, he prayed for us...I cried.
He has been such an encouragement to us this past week and the Lord has used him even to refresh us. He is the first American, pastor and friend to come over. Even last night James was saying just how nice it was to have someone to talk to and bounce things and ideas off of, get input and counsel.
He preached last night on prayer at Kabwata and I told him that it was so nice to hear preaching in our native “accent”. I had just been telling James sometimes it is just hard to pray. And then the next day he preached and encouraged us to seek the father through Christ, and what a privilege to come to our Father.

Even though the Lord has been blessing our time here, it was as if the weight of the week hit me this morning and with him leaving, I felt sad again. That little bit of home and the familiar.
We were so blessed by the Ladies in his church sending us a care package. Basically whatever we wanted they were suggesting. We mentioned craisins, so they sent us about 10 packages!
They sent sticker books for the kids, a DVD, a CD of some music for us, and lollipops. I think I mentioned it before, but tootsie roll pops and they sent 200! 200 of them. It was great, so we passed them out to the orphans at the Sunday school and then again at the meeting earlier in the week.

They also had collected some money to send for the orphans. The Lord gave great opportunity there as well in what we spent the money on. As we went to the homes, I realized that only about 2 out of 20 kids had a mosquito net. Then we were also asking about Bibles, if the kids had them.

So we were able to take the money and buy nets and bibles for the kids. That was truly a delight.
We gave them to Sharon to pass out and the Bibles to the Sunday school teacher to hang on to and give the kids at class and then eventually to have them bring them home .

The Bible for older children

And a story bible for younger children. We were even able to find a couple in Be,ba for the teachers to use in the Sunday School class.

Today is Caleb’s birthday “party”- a week late.
Then this week is busy as well with taking Leah to see a few orphan works here and we have a meeting as well at Kabwata with those in charge of starting the orphanage for girls.
I still have many pictures from meeting with the orphans in their homes to put up, but that will have to be another day.
Please pray for our week to go well and for the Lord to give good rest and strengthen us.

Please also pray for Andy traveling back. He should arrive home sometime Tuesday morning. (USA time) And I know his family will be so glad to see him!
Thank you to his family and church for sharing him with us. I know how hard it is to have him go.When James would travel over here he would remind me of the important job I have to stay home and keep things running well. And now I am on the receiving side, what a blessing to be part of encourgaing others and blessing others on this side of the world.
Thank you!

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  1. We call that sinking feeling that follows someone's leaving 'post-partum blues.' They are very real. And, for us ... they've never gone away.

    Those people who 'stay with the baggage' are doing an important work. Important enough to get equal share in the spoils of the battle. (1 Samuel 30:24) There have been a number of people who have helped us over the years by being in the States for us while we been here. Now our children are taking up those responsibilities and it helps make our stay here possible and easier.