Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back Home

We are home in Lusaka. As we were driving in at dusk last night I told James, it was quite a different experience than my last time driving into Lusaka from Ndola. I was happy that we were heading to our home here.

The sun was setting and looked beautiful. (This picture is for my mom)

We loaded up everything in the car and strapped the extra suitcases on top and drove to pick up James and Andy at the church. It was rather crowded and as we were pulling into the parking lot one of the pastors was coming out and just staring at our car. I wasn't quite sure why and as soon as I got out of the car he said that one of the suitcases was slipping out.
He then came over and said he could help.
I told him thank you and my job was only to get it all to the church and that James could check it and fix what needed fixing.

We had planned to come back to the house and then load everything up because of all the luggage, but I thought I could figure something out to at least get it to the church. So while James was finishing goodbyes he and another man came out and tied all the luggage up again. The trunk space is very small in the vehicle. One of the other men said, "well, you are a real missionary now!"

These were funny. Jackson loading up in the car. We had our luggage, Leah's luggage and Andy's luggage along with several backpacks and 9 people in the Prado. Good thing the kids are still little. ( Some of them)

Then we had to stop a few times because one of the bungee cords came loose and James hopped on top to fix it. So this was the view from the window.

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