Friday, May 7, 2010

A few pictures from SOS Village (in Lusaka)

We went to the SOS childrens village with Leah on Sunday for Sunday School. Emma does especially well with the little ones. She held one on her lap during the lesson and then 3 wanted to hold her hand at the playground afterward. Jackson was pretty cute because he saw the swings and kept asking to swing. So after the service he ran over and played on the playground. (First time in 3 months)

A few more from the morning.

This one little boy was sitting one child away from me. I had one on my lap and had my arm next to his. He took it and wrapped it tightly around him.
Then a couple times I had to get up to help with crowd control and he would get up and follow me to the next place I sat down at. So sweet.
I think here, he was playing and got dirt on his face.

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