Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kabanana Church visit

The past 2 months James has been preaching at various other churches in Lusaka. We have gone with him and it has been so nice to hear him preaching again. ( I always understand his accent, and his content!) The Lord has given Him abilities and gifts to preach and relate to people in a very clear and applicable way that many people comment on and are helped by his preaching.

As he was preaching a few weeks ago in Kabanana I realized that he has learned alot already in the 11 months that we have been here. His preaching, examples, illustrations and applications were not only relevant to Zambians, as that has been his "target" now, but it was so natural not like he was trying to think of something that they could relate to. It is life now.
This is a blessing and a great help to the people here that are hearing his preaching and benefitting from it.

Kids in Sunday School

Memory, another girl and Wisdom in the church service

James preached and Curtis Chirwa translated into Bemba
(Jackson asked me later, " why was that other guy preaching at the same time daddy was preaching?")

Some of the kids we support and other church members

Ian talked with some of the boys after, among them were wisdom and christian, orphans that we are ministering to.
I really like this picture because they were laughing about something.

Ian, Wisdom, Christian, Memory, 2 other kids

I took a few video clips.
The first is of the kids in SS class.
The second is James preaching with translation. Notice the loud singing in the background from another church that meets in another classroom nearby. It is very distracting to try and stay focused and even hear the preacher when the singing and speakers in the other room are loud, and windows are open for air. So you can at least hopefully hear the challenge.

The church Faith Baptist is a church plant of Kabwata and has their own piece of property but is waiting to have the funds to build their own building.

The last is the church singing. A familiar hymn in Bemba.

Untitled from megan Williamson on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you Megan and James for serving our Lord Jesus in this hard place in the world!!!

    GRACE is precious in the sight of the Lord and in our eyes too! We read the whole story and watch the video and send it to all our brethren and friends who love the Lord to challenge them also in the desire for adoption and well as to pray for you as you teach and train her in the fear of the Lord. What a joy and what a privileged to walk along side of you. We pray for you daily! Even on the Lord's day in our worship you all are lifted up to the Most High God, both individually as well as the work of the ministry of the Word and the Gospel.
    Megan, I lost access to your blog and can not get in. Can you invite me again?

    Do you know when another to coming to visit you from the states? We would like to communicate with them and have them bring you something. Perhaps we should write the Louisville church for that info.

    We get to change our family photo of you now and let Grace shine in your family smiles also.All of you look so happy and especially you Megan. James.. may He increase you tribe!

    My friend and I are planning a trip to Zambia, if the Lord Wills for 2012 to visit the Williamson's and the orphanage.

    We love you all deeply! May His love spread fast through the villages in Zambia from your love for Him and the Gosple!
    I cried in the video... we are so rejoicing with you!!!
    Loving His Mercy,
    Lynne for the Mason family

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Meg.

  3. But I wanted to hear James give a Zambian illustration! :-)

    I am glad for your sake and his sake (and the sake of the people listening)that he is being able to preach more often.