Monday, November 29, 2010

Article on HIV positive children on ARV's

Interesting article about children with HIV in Zambia that are on ARV's.
As I read through this I thought about all the kids that they do not even know are HIV Positive.
The campaign is to place all kids in need of the ARV's on the medicines by 2010. That doesn't look like that is going to happen here as we begin December.

Like the 35+ orphans that we are supporting (in Copperbelt and here in Lusaka). Only a few have been tested, and from what we know of the family situations at least here in Lusaka, there is a high percentage that at least half of the kids in Lusaka would be positive.

To read a comment about the clinics and facilities being inadequate is a big understatement. At least the few gov't clinics in the compounds that we have visited, have been very poor.
The one we went to in Kawama, the doctor there did not even touch the child or perform and exam on them. You went into the office, stated what was wrong with you, the doctor wrote some things down and then told you to either go get medicine or go get a blood test. And that was it.

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