Saturday, December 11, 2010

All standing in line for bread

Besides being stared at a lot more than normal since there are not as many white in Ndola as Lusaka, 2 interesting things happened this morning while we were at Shoprite. All standing in the bread line.

First, we went to buy bread and there was no bread. That in itself I think is interesting enough. This happened last time I was here and wanted to buy a loaf of bread. I guess they can't make the loaves fast enough. There was a line of about 20 people waiting so I asked one if this was the line for bread. She replied something in Bemba so I asked Maureen if she could ask her again and tell me what she said. yes.

Then the woman asked Maureen whose baby Grace was. (which happens a lot when we are out) she replied that it was mine and then the woman told Maureen, well I have a baby at home and she can adopt her if she wants so she gets a better education. They laughed about it. I thought it was pretty sad that a mother would even make a joke about that.

The other thing, just a few minutes later, the security guard came up to me and said hi I am security for shoprite.
I thought oh no, again? am I going to be asked to leave shoprite, or did something happen to the car outside?
Then he asked if my daughter took a bottle of Mosi and was trying to ( either steal it, or buy it). Mosi is beer. I looked at Grace and Katryn standing next to me and then several other people all came up and were talking in Bemba.
I replied, "no this is my daughter ( pointing to Grace) she is 2. She did not take any beer! "

Very strange. Apparently another white woman with a teenage black daughter either took a beer or tried to or something. I am not sure, but confusing and weird nonetheless. I guess the guy was thinking I was the only white woman in the store at the time, so why not question me and little Grace!

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