Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas in Kawama

The children were very excited with their gifts. They had christmas cookies and Katryn gave a short devotional on all good gifts coming from God.

The kids all clapped for each other as they came forward when their names were called to receive their gifts.

They opened their bags, took everything out. Organized and put things back in then showed their friends and a few minutes later did the same thing over again.
It seemed like the kids were genuinely happy and thankful with what they received and the other kids were happy for each other and the things that were given.

They wrote thank you notes to their sponsors then we sang a song and ended in prayer and a picture of them with their new things.

It was a blessing to be delivering these gifts and be a little part of their lives and for them to see God's goodness to them.

Here are some pictures and video from the day.

Untitled from megan Williamson on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you Megan for sharing this blog and All that God is for us in Jesus. He is the giver of all good gifts.. including Life itself. I can hear your joy in the post as you shared happiness in material things with the children and those your hearts are open to there. May God's act of imparting and transforming free grace in sanctification be yours in abundance. You are all in His Palm and we see it and hear about it in these blogs. Enjoying His Mercy with all of you as we pray beside you. You are deeply loved. Thanks for teaching through sacrifice what real love is!We see His love in you.
    Lynne for TB also

  2. Wonderful and moving!! Thanks so much for sharing!!