Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thursday we celebrated Christmas with our Kabanana Kids.
It was a fun party. We met at Fanny's home and had a similar program. We feel even closer to these kids and like they are "ours" since we have started this ministry and the work with the kids.

It is exciting and so fun to see others receive gifts, as one boy put it, "like we have never received before".
Fanny said this christmas is unlike any other that they have had.

Sobering to think that a ziploc bag filled with some basics such as deodorant, ( which the kids didn't know how to use, or even what it was), toothbrushes, toothpaste, pens, notebooks, t-shirts, hats, books, and a few piece of costume jewelry --that these items make it a christmas unlike any other. Every day items that we get our kids throughout the year and without even them asking us... and essentially what we were hearing is that this is the best christmas ever! hmm..something to think about.

Here are some pictures. (unfortunately 2 kids were not there, similar to the party in Kawama a few kids were not there.--We have asked to get pictures when they are given the gifts and we will pass those along individually to their sponsors)

Singing with the kids

I brought along a book, "Frosty the Snowman" to read to the kids and first had to explain what snow is!

The goodies

Eating snacks



DAKA family


Felix (Chola)

Wisdom Tembo

with brother Morgan

Memory Tembo with her baby

Nathan Tembo

Francis Mbare
This boy is one of the sweetest. He had written his sponsors and asked for a bible. When asked what the favorite thing in his bag was, he replied his BIBLE. now he has his very OWN bible.
He wants to be a preacher when he grows up.

Christian holding his picture of sponsors
We have never seen him smile as much as he did today. It was so nice.
(we now know it is in him!)


All the kids were so happy. Thank you to their sponsors for taking the time to fill the bags and give them gifts.

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