Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visit to Grace's Orphanage

We went this morning back to Grace's orphanage to give the kids cookies and play with them a few minutes.
Since we have been there last one more little girl is getting a home. There currently are 18 children.

The whole family came including Grace. We were not sure how she would do, but she did great. It seemed as if she didn't even recognize the place. Possibly since she had just shifted and was only at this orphanage for about 2 months before we got her.
But she was fine and even talked to a few of the little ones and looked at books too.

After we passed out the cookies we asked to read the books to the kids. Thankfully they were still there and they took out a pile and we read books to the kids. They seemed very happy when the books came out.

Grace is standing behind me just watching the kids.
She was one of these kids just a few short months ago, now she has a family. Amazing.

When Grace moved up to this new orphanage she moved with 4 other kids. One other girl was adopted the same time as her and then one boy moved to the SOS Village which has group homes for the children and the other 2 remain.
Here is a picture of Grace and the 2 boys that have remained without a home. Mattiliso is on my lap, and is a sweetie and then Gabriel is the other boy, also a sweet little one.


  1. I'll be praying that these sweet boys get families soon! :)

    ~Jennifer (RBC Holland, MI)

  2. PS: Is it still true that US citizens wishing to adopt a Zambian child must reside in Zambia?

  3. According to law there is a 3 month fostering period when the child stays with you before the adoption is completed. In a few recent families that have come over from the US and adopted,through the organization Love Basket, somehow they managed to be here about 4-6 weeks and then went home (to the USA) with the adoption completed. While here after visiting the child for a couple weeks they were allowed to bring them "home" to wherever they were staying in Zambia until it was completed.
    Would love to see an easier way. It is doable, but someone must be open to staying awhile... as long as it takes. Because as in many things in both Africa and as we saw earlier, international adoption, there are no guarantees!