Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grace's Adoption Video

A video of the adoption of Grace.
Some of you know, but others don't that 3 years ago the Lord put adoption fervently on our hearts and the once talked about desires took action and we started the process to adopt a baby from Ukraine. We got all the way through the process, even traveled to Ukraine but we came home empty handed and broken hearted. The Lord used our time in Ukraine and taught us and it only "fueled the fire" for adopting.

God used our desire to adopt internationally to open my eyes more to the needs in the world and to missions more specifically.
Because we were looking into the communist soviet union I started reading about the life of Richard Wurmbrand. The Voice of the Martyrs founder. Reading about those that have been imprisoned and tortured for their faith certainly made me see how weak and shallow our own lives can be at times. Just having my eyes opened then as well to all the other people in various places in the world. Since James had already been traveling yearly to Africa since 2006, Zambia was the natural choice and fit.

Now that we have Grace we see the Lord's hand in her life as well. One interesting thing we learned recently. She was born in October 2008. It was actually, the very same week ( if not day) that we were eagerly, and I do mean Eagerly waiting for the phone call that told us of our travel date to Ukraine. SO the very week of her birth, our dossier was approved and we were told to come to Ukraine.

In one sense you could say had we not pursued adopting in Ukraine we would not have come to Africa and had we not come to Africa we would not have Grace. At least that's how God used things in my own heart and life.

So we thank God for His Grace to us and for giving GRACE to us!

Grace's Adoption Video from megan Williamson on Vimeo.

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  1. Congratulations to Grace and your entire family! She is beautiful. So glad God brought you all together. What a blessing!!!!