Wednesday, November 17, 2010


November is National Adoption Month
So I want to take the opportunity to "use" the month and our recent adoption of Grace and say a few things.
The Lord has blessed this blog and I know many are reading it, so I thought I could share something that is obviously very much on my heart!

I think anyone who has every been in the adoption process, or more so who has adopted has heard the statement from others, "well you know, We have thought about adoption…"
That's my appeal right now…consider.

John Piper has said about missions, you should GO, GIVE or SEND.
I think the same can be said about adoption and care of the orphans.
DO it, FUND it, or SUPPORT it.
There are people who seriously have considered and desire to adopt but do not have the money.
Others have a large heart for orphans but are not in a position to bring one in and so they are best suited to support and/ or fund orphan works and adoptions specifically.
There are those who have a heart for orphans and the means ( financially and domestically) to Adopt and have talked about one day adopting, but never do. My appeal to you is DO it! Maybe you just need a gentle nudge to turn the considerations and prayers into action.
We know Adoption is on the heart of God. He is a father to the fatherless. Scripture is clear on caring for the orphans and those in need.

I see the face of orphaned children almost every week. I think everyone knows the statistics, millions of orphans in the world. Whether it is right in your neighborhood, your own country or half a world away, the need is great.
It is sad, hard, emotional and discouraging at times. BUT when God brings the lonely into families both the child AND the parents are blessed beyond measure and there is much JOY. Kind of like when Jesus says there is much rejoicing over one soul that is saved, that is how it is over one child who has been given a chance at a new life. Just like the Father adopts us into His family.

Perhaps the Lord could use YOU to set the lonely into a family.
Perhaps the Lord has a child picked out especially just for YOU, that from before the foundations of the world began He intended to bring them into your home. And whether it is through the heartbreak of barrenness, that the Lord brings about joy through a child adopted, or through having children already and looking at your family and saying, "God will give me the grace, He has already given me the heart, to add just one more…" then step out in faith and do it.

The Lord uses all kinds of families. Those with no children, those with some, those with lots, those with older children- whether biological or adopted they are all children in the Lord's sight. Red and Yellow, black and white, oh how precious in HIS sight.

Consider. Pray. Act.

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