Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy GRACE Day !

We got HER! She is OURS!

This morning we walked out of court with our new daughter
Grace AnnaMarie WILLIAMSON!

We have been blessed beyond measure with all of our children and now to be given this child that before the world even began, God had a plan for her to be part of our family. Truly amazing!

The 3 older kids went to court with us, which means they got to skip school and be there. The judge made a comment about why were all the kids there. I told our social worker that they were all very excited.

( a few pictures taken with camera phone)

Then she later asked us why we wanted to adopt her when we already had so many kids.
Then she told us that we should love her and care for her. She even told the kids that you should love her. I told her, " Ma'am we already do!"

Leaving court

When we got home from court the first thing the little boys asked us is did we officially adopt her.
Caleb tackled her to the ground with a hug.

We celebrated the day by going out to lunch at our favorite ( and only) mexican resturant.
AT lunch the kids were "presenting" Grace

Then a friend Steve Allen came over for dinner and sarah made brownies from a box from home. It was quite the treat and we had been saving it for this special occasion since we brought Grace home 3 months ago.

Steve took some pictures of us and I really liked this one. One big happy family!

Even to say that now, 3 months ago is amazing that we have only had her for that amount of time and that things went as smoothly as they did for us. All other friends here that have gone through the process or know others who have gone through it have been more than 3 months and alot more stress and hassle. God has indeed been good and kind to us today!

Just going through the pictures from the day this evening have been bringing tears to my eyes.
She is mine!


  1. That is amazing Megan. I am awestruck that things have gone so smoothly and quickly! I am so happy for you all!! Congratulations and much love!

  2. Megan, I've loved catching up on your blog...and we are rejoicing over Grace being officially part of your family. We well remember that day when our daughter became ours. You all look so happy. Praising our God with you!

  3. Very, very happy for you and your precious Grace. Much love, RP

  4. We rejoice with you that God has given you this little girl - she is just beautiful.

  5. God Bless you Megan and your family.