Thursday, November 4, 2010

Greater things have yet to be done...

Rick made this video as a report on his trip to Zambia.
I previewed it about a week ago before he showed it in the Sunday school class at our home church this past week. I live here, experience it everyday and I was moved to tears all 3 times I have seen it.

It starts driving into Kabanana, the compound here in Lusaka where we work with the orphans, and where some of the pastors are from in the college. The song that is in the video is the song that we had playing in our car the first time we drove into Kabanana. The video is great and I feel really gives you a glimpse into life here. Though you can't really know until you actually come here. So please come visit!


  1. Beautiful and stirring! When can I come back?

    Mark Chanski

  2. Hearing the men sing - how beautiful will be the singing in heaven! May our Lord do greater things in Zambia than have yet been seen, to the glory of His grace! Thank you for sharing this video clip.

  3. Amen... Thanks for sharing and reminding us to pray... Cannot believe its been a year already for you, James and the family... God bless you all!