Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Twas the night before...

And all through the house, several creatures had been stirring
and making quite a ruckus.
The van was loaded with much care and 24 bags sit waiting,
hoping for no extra bag fares.
Our goodbyes have been said, and we are weary but well-
just can't wait to get home now, but must sit for quite a spell.
16 hours on a plane, and 16 hours in the airports...

Ok I can't take this rhyming any farther.
I was stretching it for those few sentences wasn't I?
I am sure Ian could as he is really good at that kind of thing. We read a book on the founder of Chick-Fil-A ( our favorite place to eat) and I told him to write a poem and he did. It was quite entertaining. But ...
Maybe I am a bit giddy as I am so ready to get home now.

I know the irony of it all is no sooner than we are back I am sure we will be missing things about America again.
The kids and I have talked about this a few times. They are ready to get back as well even though they have enjoyed their time with their friends. I should say all the kids except Grace.
She was laying in bed tonight, arms folded behind her head on the pillow and she was telling me she didn't want to go back to Zambia!

I reminded her of her room, the trampoline, swing and things at the house. But that didn't help.
I am sure in her mind, America means fun, great food, candy every time she is at church from one of our pastors, and lots of attention from other people! She has loved having older kids carrying her around playing with her and catering to her. I think its safe to say between all the people at church, and her grandparents and family she has been spoiled! No wonder she doesn't want to go home. She is still not a American citizen anyway so she has overstayed her welcome, from the American Embassy's point of view...
Since we were delayed with my surgery her visa was not extended so we are hoping not to run into any problems leaving the country. We would appreciate your prayers for that, as well as for James Work visa.

When we left Zambia, he was notified that his work permit/visa had expired and he will need to reapply for one when we return.
Theoretically this should not be a problem, but who knows what will happen when we arrive into Zambia.

We have been blessed to have this extra time here and have felt more encouragement and strengthening from the Lord. We are leaving in a far better state than when we arrived and for that we are very thankful!
I have recovered from the surgeries and am walking fine now and feeling much better.
Our church prayed for us tonight specifically in regards to several different areas of our personal and family life. It was a blessing and we are continually humbled by how much we are loved and cared for and prayed for but so many people!

Our plane leaves tomorrow at 1:30 and we fly to Chicago where we have a 6 and 1/2 hour layover. We then fly eight hours to London where we then have a 8 hour layover before flying 8 more hours into Lusaka.
We should arrive into Lusaka 7 AM Saturday, which would be midnight Friday night here. So anytime you think of us and wanted to shoot up a quick prayer, we would be so glad.

It was great to see some of you while we were back, though I know there were many we didn't get a chance to visit with.
Thanks for supporting us with love and prayers!

Next Post should be from Zambia. That country that just happen to win the Africa Cup of Nations last week! YEAH!!

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