Friday, February 24, 2012

En Route

We are waiting in the airport in London. All day. We ate lunch at the Giraffe which is where we ate the last 3 times we have been here. James and I might get one more starbucks drink before we head to our gate in a few more hours.
The kids have been on the internet on webkinz and now are watching a dvd on one of the laptops. Dora, not too exciting for the majority of the kids anymore but it is for Grace, she just took a good nap in her stroller. We have all been trying to catch a little nap as we are spread out in a busy section of the airport. Every 5 minutes the speaker announces which flight is closing and the time. Talk about making the time go slow!

There are Shops all around us, but what is the point of looking, we can not fit another thing into any of our bags. :-)
The Lord was very kind yesterday and everything went great at check-in. We arrived in plenty of time to the Louisville airport. All the luggage was loaded in a 15 passenger van, then all the kids were loaded in another van and all the backpacks and carry-on suitcases in a third vehicle. Our check in went very smoothly and we were not even charged for the 2 oversized and overweight bags! That was great.

One of the challenges going through all the airports is everyone is pulling a suitcase or pushing a stroller. And 6 of the 8 suitcases are the ones that tip over when you let go of them, so every time we stop all the kids bags fall over...Thankfully just now in London we were able to check 5 of the bags through so we only have 3 to keep track of.

We had several friends out to say goodbye to us at the airport. I was talking to a few of them and the younger kids were crawling on the floor under the seats. I said, that's fine with me, I don't even care if Grace is licking the floor as long as everyone is happy!
Well about 10 minutes later I look over and Jackson was licking the arm rest of the chairs we were sitting on.
I was joking, it wasn't to be taken literally. Funny thing is he did not even hear me saying that. HA! oh well.

Our gate in Chicago was right across from a play area which was such a blessing! We were able to meet my cousin for about an hour before going back to the international flights and earlier in the day we parked ourselves at the end of a baggage claim area near the escalators and elevators and we all took turns with the kids going up and down and running around them. A couple scraped knees, bleeding through their jeans and all in all it was a good thing keeping them busy!

Let's see...what else. I guess this blog is mostly for me today just writing to have something to do! Grace fell asleep on the plane coming here during takeoff and slept until about the last hour or two. That was another blessing.

Thanks for praying!

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