Monday, February 27, 2012

HOME in Zambia

From London to Lusaka, the flight went so well.
When I left a couple friends were saying in light of the many prayers that were offered up and the specific ones of the Lord doing beyond what we could expect or imagine, they could not wait to hear how well things would go.

So here you go...The flight was not full at all, which meant we were able to spread out and I pulled the “I have alot of kids card” to one of the flight attendants. They said that after take off people could change seats and spread out some. So I asked one of the attendants if we could have several of the seats toward the back for the kids to sleep. She said ok and I am very glad I asked her because as soon as the seat belt light went off and we went back there she was standing by two rows telling others no they couldn’t take these seats.

SO what that meant for us was that we had 7 rows! 4 of the two seater rows in our regular seating and then 2 three seat rows and another two seat row in the back. The kids were so weary that before take off Emma fell asleep, as well as Jackson. Caleb was starting to nod off too! Everyone was able to stretch out and get some sleep if even just an hour or two. By this London to Lusaka flight we had been awake a full day and a half and the Lord just blessed us with this kindness.

We arrived on time into Lusaka where it was warm and sunny. We didn’t have any trouble with the Permit issue, they let us in and had to just pay for James and I and he is to go and start the process to renew the permit this week.

ALL of our bags arrived. This is another great blessing! There were 24 checked bags, 8 rolling carry on suitcases and 8 backpacks. Everything made it.
We loaded up and came home to the house.

I will say it was a bit surreal feeling walking into the house.
We were all happy to be home, but feeling a bit strange too.

I don’t know about most people, but as soon as we get back form a trip we start unpacking. So we started opening bags and boxes to see where things were, if certain items, “made it” and started unpacking. We were attempting to bring a tv back. The prices here are expensive and we got a good deal on one the day after thanksgiving so we thought we would give it a try. Well it arrived, but had a crack in the screen so is black on one half of the screen when we turn it on. There was a puncture in the box so somewhere in transit that must have happened.

Disappointing, but in light of all the things we brought, we have no complaints.
6 laptops ( personal and ministry ones) made it. Picture frames, glass candle holders, small kitchen appliances, christmas ornaments, lots of clothes and shoes, pots and pans, books, CDs, DVD’s..etc

Now we are having to figure out where to put all these things. So we are still unpacking and sorting things out. We had decided to move the kids rooms around so not only are we unpacking but we are clearing things out of closets and drawers too.
Seems like alot, and it is, but rather unpack where they were going to be then have to move things twice we decided to go ahead and do it now.

We are all getting over the jet lag and had a good nights sleep sunday night. Saturday most all of us were awake and 3 am. Several of the kids have allergy issues the last 2 days, so hopefully those will settle down once we readjust to things here.

The kids will start school on wednesday. It will be Jackson and Caleb’s first year in school so I want to make sure they are caught up on sleep before they have to be in the classroom setting.

As we were landing we all commented on how green everything is. The garden is full of corn and we just enjoyed some for lunch today. Limited and Perjuite, our workers were very glad to see us and asked how our trip went and how everyone is “that side”. It was sweet they missed us too.

We were back at church yesterday and it was good to see everyone and hear people telling us they missed us and welcome back. We worshipped at Ibex Hill and it was great to hear the singing and pastor Kasongo preaching. He was ordained as a pastor last month. He was a student at the Copperbelt College so James has especially enjoyed seeing the “fruit” of the College.

The Lord has blessed our travels. Thank you all for praying.
Please continue to pray that we would re-orient back into the culture here, and be joyful in the midst of the frustrating or inconvenient aspects of daily life. (Roaches taking over the kitchen, trying to get internet started again, laundry ) I was commenting to James about how I started a load of laundry and now 5 hours later it is still not finished washing. (Water pressure issues). He jokingly said, “Well you think we should call up British Airways and see if they can book us a flight back?”...
Ok. Point taken, thanks deary.

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